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Homemade Sausage and Cured Cuts

Made by the only Master Meat Crafter in the Fox Valley, The Meat Block offers homemade, gourmet sausage products and cured cuts of meat. Our sausage is made the way sausage was meant to be made, the old fashion way and without cutting corners. We produce it all on site in our very own smokehouses using only the highest quality fresh spices and meats. Among the many favorites is our award winning ham, bacon, old world summer sausage, ring bologna, and breakfast links. We also make a huge line of specialty, gourmet burgers, brats, and brat patties as well as a large selection of chicken sausage products for the heart healthy.

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At The Meat Block, we love making any meal with your family and friends a special occasion by providing you with flavorful, high-quality meats and food products.

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You’re in the right place! Haen Meat Packing is now owned by The Meat Block.