Alfa Allegro Oven


Heating Time: 20 Minutes

Recommended Fuel: Wood, Charcoal

Max Temp: +1000 Degrees

Cooking Floor: 39.4″ x 27.6″

Available In Antique Red or Fire Yellow



Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens

Hotter. Faster. Different.

Made In Italy


  • The oven floor is made up of interchangeable refractory bricks which soak up heat and transmit it from the bottom up to the food being cooked.
  • The stainless-steel dome allows the oven to reach high temperatures with little firewood.
  • The ceramic fibre insulation keeps the heat inside the oven for a long time.
  • The Allegro has a pyrometer that allows you to keep the temperature of the cooking chamber under control.
  • The large door is equipped with a double ergonomic handle so that you can adjust the draught while controlling the fire inside the oven.
  • The coloured parts of the oven have been treated with powder coating which is resistant to high temperatures.

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