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Beef & Pork Equivalents

For centuries people have purchased quarter and half cows and half and whole pigs. In fact, this method of buying meat can be traced back to the earliest times of bartering. In those days, people would by a “half a cows worth” of something.

Unfortunately, not all cattle or pigs produce the same quality of meat. When you buy a quarter or half cow or a half or whole pig, you can’t be sure of what you will get. It may be tender and lean. It may be fatty and tough. Afterall, all your meat is coming from the same animal.

Here is the good news. The Meat Block offers you a similar service, only better! We call them Beef & Pork Equivalents. Here’s how it works. When you purchase a Beef or Pork Equivalent, you are buying meat in bulk at a discount, the same way you would with traditional quarters and halves. The difference is that you are getting the same elite line of hand selected and hand cut meats that we sell in our store every day. What’s more, our equivalents are fully customizable. This means that you can get just the cuts that you desire and choose substitutes for the cuts that you don’t want.

At The Meat Block you can purchase beef ½ and ¼ equivalents. Here is a list of what each consists of.

A ½ of Beef is priced at $1630 consists of approx.: (188#)

A ¼ of Beef is priced at $819 consists of approx.: (93#)

Cut 1/2 Weight 1/4 Weight
Chuck Roasts 36 lb. 18 lb.
Ribeye Steaks or Prime Rib 12 lb. 6 lb.
T-bone Steaks 15 lb. 7 lb.
Porterhouse Steaks 6 lb. 3 lb.
Sirloin Steaks 10 lb. 5 lb.
Round Steaks 15 lb. 7 lb.
Rump Roasts 8 lb. 4 lb.
Soup Bones 10 lb. 5 lb.
Stew Meat 6 lb. 3 lb.
Ground Beef or Beef Patties 70 lb. 35 lb.


At The Meat Block you can purchase pork whole and ½ equivalents. Here is a list of what each consists of.

A Whole Pork is priced at $729 consists of approx.: (142#)

A ½ of Pork is priced at $369 consists of approx.: (71#)

Cut Whole Weight 1/2 Weight
Pork Chops 30 lb. 15 lb.
Pork Roast or Pork Steak 30 lb. 15 lb.
Spare Ribs 2 Racks 1 Rack
Cured & Smoked Ham 28 lb. 14 lb.
Cured & Smoked Bacon or Fresh Pork Side 16 lb. 8 lb.
Pork Hocks 6 lb. 3 lb.
Pork Trim 24 lb. 12 lb.


(Pork trim can be made into ground pork, pork brats, brat patties, breakfast links, and seasoned pork sausage.)

  • All beef equivalents are comprised of Black Angus Choice Beef cuts and are the same great quality as in our store.
  • All beef roasts are boneless.
  • $50.00 deposit required. Prices include cutting, wrapping, and sharp freezing. There is no extra charge for patties. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All equivalents can be customized to fit your family’s needs. Substitutions can be made based on current retail pricing. For example, you can exchange $20 worth of round steak for $20 worth of ribeye.


Click here to view or print our Beef & Pork Equivalents Brochure.

Pricing is subject to change anytime with changes in the market. We recommend that to call to verify current pricing.

Call or visit us today. We’ll help you put together the perfect package that is sure to please you and your family!

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