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Wild Game Processing

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The Meat Block provides you with Wild Game Processing year-round.

We accept fresh or fresh-frozen, boneless, bone-in, or whole deer and other wild game. Using our award-winning recipes, we offer a variety of fresh and smoked sausages all produced by adding the same, high quality beef, pork, and spices used in our retail line. Please note that each product ordered requires a minimum of 10 pounds of boneless trim.

In order to maintain the same quality and consistency that we provide with our retail product line, all wild game will be inspected for freshness and cleanliness, at the time it is brought in. Whole deer are only accepted during open bow and gun season.

*****The Meat Block is currently accepting Whole Deer for processing and offers Refrigerated Drop-Off. We have a fully enclosed refrigerated trailer open 7am-9pm, 7 days a week for whole deer drop-off. Our 24-hour video surveillance offers you extra security. What’s more, your harvest can be cooled out immediately. Just follow the posted instructions and we’ll call you the next business day to receive you order instructions. *****

Wild Game Processing Price List

Sausage Products Billing Weight Cost/lb
Summer Sausage (traditional or salami) 1.7 $3.49
Summer Sausage (jalapeno & cheese) 1.7 $4.69
Old World Slicing Summer Sausage (traditional or garlic) 1.7 $4.49
Old World Summer Sausage (traditional or garlic) 1.7 $3.99
Snack Sticks (mild, hot, 7 pepper, or onion & garlic) 1.7 $3.99
Snack Sticks (cheese, jalapeno & cheese, bbq pepperjack, ghost pepper & habanero cheese, teriyaki, or honey bbq) 1.7 $4.99
Wieners (natural casing or skinless) 1.7 $3.49
*NEW* Farmers Sausage 2.0 $3.79
Bologna (ring or stick) 1.7 $3.09
Polish Sausage 1.7 $3.79
Smoked Bratwurst (cheddar or jalapeno & pepperjack) 2.0 $4.59
Fresh Bratwurst (traditional or Italian) 2.0 $2.79
Fresh Bratwurst (mushroom & swiss or jalapeno & cheese) 2.0 $3.99
Fresh Bratwurst Patties (traditional or Italian) 2.0 $2.79
Specialty Patties (bacon & cheese, Block burgers, jalapeno & cheese, or Wisco patties) 2.0 $3.99
Breakfast Links (traditional or maple) 2.0 $2.99
Hickory Smoked Bacon 2.0 $3.79
Meatloaf 2.0 $2.69
Dried Venison (hind quarter needed) 1 $4.99
Old Fashion Jerky (black diamond teriyaki, hillbilly spicy, or appalachain) (hind quarter needed) 1 $2.99
Extruded Jerky (black diamond teriyaki, hillbilly spicy, or appalachain) 1 $3.99


Grinding Cost/lb
Grinding (Bulk– not packaged) $.75
Grinding (Vacuum Packaged) $1.00
Patties (Vacuum Packaged) $1.25
Beef added to Ground $3.99
Pork added to Ground $2.49
Bacon added to Ground $3.99
Suet added to Ground $.99


Whole Deer Processing Cost/lb
Cut, Vacuum Package & Freeze $110.00
Caping $45.00
Save Hide $5.00
Save Rack $5.00


Miscellaneous Services Cost/lb
Boning Charge $1.00
Cleaning Charge $1.00


  • Wild game processing is available year round.
  • All wild game is inspected at the time of drop off and again before being processed. Please drop off all meat in food safe bags.
  • Billable weight and take home weight will be different. Products are billed according to the weight after the beef or pork are added and before smoking.
  • All smoked products are subject to weight loss.
  • Vacuum packaging is included on all products for product quality and customer convenience.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • All wild game sausage products require a 5# minimum unless noted otherwise.


Deposit required: $50.00 per whole deer. $1.00 per lb of trim received. (Processing will not be started until deposit is received.)

Click here to view or print a Wild Game Processing Brochure.

Pricing is subject to change at any time with changes in the market. It is best to call and verify.

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